//Clocks Spring Forward Tips

Clocks Spring Forward Tips

Clocks Spring Forward Tips 


Newly Constructed & Resale Home Tips as Our Clocks Spring Forward!

This week’s blog in Thread-y Set GO focuses on something most of know about, but tend to forget…. It’s time to “spring” forward on Sunday, March 9th at 2:00 A.M. and turn our timepieces forward one hour.

And while we’re all “springing” forward, this is an opportune time for homeowners to consider taking care of some tasks around the house to prepare for the much anticipated warmer spring weather.  Much like the time change, these tasks are items we all tend to forget, or for some, perhaps “choose” to ignore. However, by adding these items to your list of essential To Do’s, you can ensure the tasks will be done at least twice a year when we “spring forward or fall back”. Here are some items to consider:

  • Replace smoke detector and carbon monoxide batteries with new ones. 
  • Reset all inside and outside lights which have some sort of timing mechanism.  Now that we are on Daylight Savings time, make sure your lights are turning on and off at the appropriate times. If applicable, also be sure to check pool timer settings.  
  • Find all home fire extinguishers and check gauges to make sure they are all in working order. Replace if necessary… A beneficial, low cost safety investment!
  • Don’t forget to change the time on the watches in the drawer or jewelry box.
  • Change the time on the clock in your car…  Better now than when you’re driving!
  • The clock on your desk or the wall at the office. No one wants to be late for lunch!
  • The programmable coffeemaker… If you still have one!
  • Adjust all programmable thermostats in the house.                 

We hope these tips assisted you in the Spring forward process. Have some fun this weekend and since we lose an hour, do a few extra errands which will produce big dividends in the future days of Spring, Summer, and Fall… until Fall Back arrives!

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