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Real Estate Selling Tips

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Real Estate Selling Tips

Many homeowners who need to sell due to job transfer, downsizing, or an upgrade are worried that taking a loss on their house is inevitable. The Select Homes Team at Keller Williams Realty, we’re here to assure you that this is NOT the case. We can help you get the most money available for your home with our strategic sales plan and expert staff.

Our strategic sales plan provides you with optimal real estate selling tips:

Our sales strategy has been implemented to help you achieve the goal of selling your home. For many people, this seems like an impossibility, but it is actually much easier than you’d think. Follow these easy steps and you’ll be on your way:

Consult with us, to ensure your house is priced competitively and well-staged. Our consultants can help you realize imperative aspects of selling your home.
Act Fast: You’re in a race against time. Depending on your local market, the longer you wait, the lower the price on your home will drop, and every month the price on your home decreases, your costs remain the same.
Don’t worry about where the market has been. The price your neighbor got six months ago is not indicative of the current market. Your local consulting real estate agent can help you with determining the best price for you!

After you’ve sold your home, let us help you purchase a new one:

The Select Homes Team at Keller Williams Realty is here to help smart buyers take advantage of the current market. We have an intensive 8-step plan on home buying, and can help you get your purchase on a foreclosure, as well as provide a mortgage calculator for you to get an idea about future down payments, monthly payments, etc.

Contact us to help price your home today:

The Select Homes Team at Keller Williams Realty, we are always available to consult with you about selling your house, and can even get you in touch with a real estate agent in another area to get you on your way to purchasing your next home.

Call us at 518-857-7653 or email us at SelectHomesTeam@gmail.com today!

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