//Summer Move in Tips!

Summer Move in Tips!

Let’s Talk. Moving is not a pleasant experience for most people. Imagine that approximately 32 millions of Americans move every year, and 90 percent of these relocations happen in the summer. That is a big number of people moving in the summer months alone, and yet it is a fact. Thus, the summer moving season is the busiest for the moving industry and hundreds of moving companies will compete for your job. Therefore, you have to keep in mind certain criteria and get your blueprint ready when moving during the summer. Since this moving season is approaching, we’ve selected the top moving tips on how to smoothen the relocation process.

Having a moving checklist or blueprint will make the relocation easier and smoother. Proper planning and organization is the key for a seamless move. Thus, start your moving checklist as soon as you know you are about to move. Moving is a complex event and you will have to think about all aspects in order to get it done right and without complications. By following a checklist and a few moving tips for moving in the summer season, you increase your chances for a successful move and can reduce greatly the cost of your moving.

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 Consider the size of your move and decide whether you can do it alone, move by yourself, or will need to hire a moving company. Many people prefer moving on their own because they think it would be cheaper, especially when moving in the summer since we all know it is busy and prices are higher. So, carefully check what you have and what you are moving in order to see if you can handle a move by yourself or you will have to hire a professional company. Read the complete what to know before moving guide and make sure you’ve completed all the steps.

  1. 1 -Organize a moving sale to get rid of some of the stuff you don’t need. This will also cut moving costs because movers charge by the weight of your belongings.
  2. 2 – You will have to find reputable moving companies to get moving quotes from. In order to ensure that you deal only with good moving companies you will have to make some research and check their reputation, license numbers, liability and their additional moving insurance options.
  3. 3 -Look for summer moving specials! Always ask for discounts and specials for your destination especially if you need storage. Most moving companies will offer you a discount if you require full packing or if you need to store your stuff for some time. Consider waiting longer, because this can save you on your final moving cost. Also check our these important things to do before the relocation.
  4. 4 – Once you have decided whether you are hiring movers for your summer moving job, you should get down to the nitty-gritty. Start planning the packing and pack some stuff well in advance. Decide what to pack and what to leave for the movers to pack. Do not leave everything for the last couple of days because you may get overwhelmed. Be strategic and go through all your belongings to separate things you are not moving and have to get rid of. You will be surprised of how much you can donate, give to friends and family or recycle.
  5. 5 – Now, start packing. Find some used moving boxes from the local grocery store, or just ask people who have moved recently to use their old boxes. You can also find cheap moving supplies online. Well-packed household will ensure the safety of your belongings while loading and transporting them. So, to ensure safe and sound relocation, start with quality packing.
  6. 6 -Make sure you list all your belongings intended for moving to the moving company that will perform your relocation. This will secure you a correct cost estimate so you can plan your budget. We all want to save money when moving in the summer, so make sure you have done all you can to save money on moving cost when using a moving company. You can also get a free moving cost calculation on your move here. This will help you plan your moving budget in advance.
  7. 7 – Once you have a deal with a mover, consider getting additional moving insurance. After, moving tip #1, this is among the most important tips. As we said in the summer moving season, moving companies are busy and it is always better to insure yourself. It may cost you a few extra dollars, but it will bring you peace of mind that your household is protected. Determine the value of your items and decide whether you want to pay full value protection or just stay with the basic valuation.
  8. 8 – If you have kids, prepare them for the move. Get the kids involved in the summer moving process and make it fun for them. Younger kids will quickly take it as an adventure since they are natural explorers and everything new is exciting. Some research has actually proved that moving a few times in a lifetime (just like going for vacation), improves the bond between the children and their parents. If you are worried about how to break the news to your kids, check out our tips for moving with kids. So, get everyone on board and you will see how much more fun a moving can be.
  9. 9 – At least a couple of weeks before the move, make arrangements to transfer or disconnect electricity, gas line, phone numbers, change of address, credit cards and all bills you may have. You should contact the companies and let them know of your new address and the date of the transfer.
  10. 10 – Bonus tip: Finally, check the weather and know your rights when moving. Moving during the cooler days could be the best time to move, but you need to know your rights and responsibilities too. Research your rights as a consumer with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for out of state moves, and with the state moving association if you are moving locally. Check the moving company reputation by reading moving reviews online and ask about the mover dispute settlement program. Whenever you are using a professional mover for your moving in the summer, you should get from a small booklet with your rights and responsibilities and proper answers to all of your questions.


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