//The Ice Bucket Challenge is going viral throughout the Capital District

The Ice Bucket Challenge is going viral throughout the Capital District

Let’s Talk Blog!  The Ice Bucket Challenge has taken off on social media. I am sure you’ve seen the photos and videos of themselves on Facebook and Twitter, using #IceBucketChallenge. The viral challenge started when Pete Frates, a 29-year-old Massachusetts resident diagnosed with ALS, started posting about it on social media, said John Frates, Pete’s father. Frates, a former captain of the Boston College baseball, knew Boston athletes, who accepted the challenge.

From there, the local news stations picked it up and soon celebrities and politicians were doing it too, John Frates said. ALS attacks the nerve cells controlling voluntary muscle movement, yet leaves the person’s mental capability intact. There is no treatment and no cure for ALS. Someone diagnosed with the disease usually has 2-5 years to live, according to the ALS Association. Frates said his son’s story is particularly compelling because the diagnoses rarely affects people under the age of 30. Pete is married and has a baby due next month.”It cut him down in the prime of his life,” Frates said. Pete is now “completely disabled. No use of his extremities.” Pete cannot speak and has a feeding tube because he can no longer swallow. He uses a computer with eye retina software to communicate. The reach of the Ice Bucket Challenge has exceeded even Pete’s expectations, his father said. “Pete’s always been a ball payer, so he always says, ‘Go big or go home,'” Frates said. “But even for him, he’s blown away.”

Here’s how the Ice Bucket Challenge works, if you haven’t seen it already (in which case, how?): You film yourself dumping a bucket of ice onto your head, and at the end, nominate a friend to do the same. In the process, you make a fool out of yourself, look awesome on social media, and, hey, donate to a worthy cause, especially if you don’t do the drenching within 24 hours.

So far, the cycle of bucket-dumping has raised $2.3 million for the ALS association since July 29. As of this week, more than 71,000 donors have done the challenge, meaning at least 71,000 buckets of ice and water sloshed over people’s heads.

It’s painful of course, but it’s meant to be.


Select Homes Team Ice Bucket Challenge

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Would you want to see the Select Homes Team at Keller Williams Capital District attempt the ice bucket challenge?

Select Homes Team at Keller Williams Capital District. 

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