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Genevieve Suguitan


Licensed Salesperson

Having moved from Canada to Texas to the Capital District area, Genevieve can appreciate the complexities of relocating to a new city.  Through her own personal experiences in selling, buying, and building (new) homes, she developed a keen ability to listen to and hone in on the needs and wants of buyers and sellers, then match them with the perfect place to call home.

Genevieve believes that all successful real estate transactions come about as a result of clear and open communications. She is aware that every client has unique requirements, circumstances, and expectations and that the journey to achieving a successful transaction needs to be tailored to fit their goals and ultimate desires.  She strives to take all the pressure off of her clients and make the real estate process as stress free as possible. Acting as a guide and educator throughout each transaction, along with her exceedingly high level of work ethic, she endeavors to provide exceptional service to her clients and to be someone buyers and sellers can fully trust.

HOBBIES:  Genevieve likes to make sure she gets her daily workout in and eventually, she hopes to get back in action on the tennis courts.  When her time allows, she also likes to learn to be a more creative cook; but for now, she’ll settle for ending her day curled up under a nice warm blanket, reading a good book before falling asleep.

FAVORITE MOVIE:  As one who LOVES movies, it’s virtually impossible for her to just pick one. But hands down, her genre of choice every time will be romantic comedies, because they meet 2 daily essentials… Love and laughter!  Some of which she could watch over and over include Sweet Home Alabama, Hitch, 27 Dresses, Leap Year, and The Proposal, just to name a few.

FAVORITE QUOTE:  “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” – Tony Robbins